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Sugar Industry

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Sugar beets or sugar canes are converted into sugar after a long series of process steps. Before being thickened and crystallized, water is used to extract the sugar from the plant cells without chemical damage. More than 80 percent of the produced sugar is used in other processing industries for the production of confectionery, drinks and baked goods. The remaining 20 percent is further processed into a range of household sugar.

Progressive cavity pumps in standard design are used globally in almost all areas of the sugar industry, especially for pumping large quantities of raw materials and additives.
A few examples:
Wastewater treatment
Juice extraction
Juice purification
Juice thickening

Pumps perform excellently in the sugar industry thanks to their special characteristics:

  • Gentle, low pulsation pumping
  • High metering accuracy
  • High operational safety
  • Excellent ease of maintenance

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