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Dough Processing & Bakeries

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For thousands of years, people have been making bread by mixing grains and water to form dough and then baking it. Bread was and is our staple food. Today, the same technology is used to produce countless types of pastries, breads and baked goods. Hygienic and profitable processing of these requires state-of-the-art pumping technology.

Progressive cavity pumps in standard and hopper design have been used very successfully for many years in industrial dough processing.Some application examples are:
White, mixed, and buttermilk bread
Scones and buns
Cookies and biscuits
Pre-cooked dough products such as pies and pizzas
When handling bakery products and ingredients Hitech pump solutions are specified for each application according to the product to be conveyed. For the variety of media handled in bakeries Hitech pumps provide the advantages of:

  • Gentle, low pulsation pumping of shear-sensitive media
  • Conveying of very high viscosity media
  • Products with solids are conveyed without damage
  • Hygienic, residue-free CIP cleaning without dismantling
  • Hygienic pumping within an enclosed system
  • High metering accuracy for minor ingredient addition
  • Customized designs and automation possible for novel and innovative processes

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