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Fruit & Vegetable Processing

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The processing of fruits and vegetables requires pumping technology designed for specific tasks, it is essential that:
The nutrients in fruits and vegetables are treated as gently as possible
Specific particle sizes for processing are produced
Green waste is handled hygienically and economically
HITECH has developed a concept to convey and macerate fruits and vegetables. Apples, strawberries, carrots and onions, and many more, are hygienically chopped and pumped in a closed system with minimum oxygen exposure.
Hygienic pumps carefully convey pulps and juice to further processing steps
Preparation of fruit and vegetables for ready to eat products generates significant quantities of organic waste. HITECH technology can remove this in enclosed systems directly from processing areas.

  • All types of waste can be processed – including stone fruits
  • Hygienic waste removal from high care areas
  • Energy and labour savings compared with alternative systems
  • The waste volume can be reduced by up to two thirds
  • Saving on disposal costs

Hygienic, gentle and effective, from intake to waste removal: HITECH pumps are ideally suited to processing fruits and vegetables.

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