HITECH Company is the official importer and distributor of flexible hoses, flexible plastic hose, flexible rubber hoses, hydraulic hoses and industrial valves and coupling hose of quality brands.

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Acetylene Hose

  • Temperature:-20℃(-4℉)to +70℃(+158℉)
  • Tube:Black, smooth, synthetic rubber
  • Reinforcement:High strength synthetic cord
  • Cover:Blue/green/red, smooth, synthetic rubber

Bulk Material Discharge Hose

  • ● High abrasion resistant tube
  • ● Weather and ozone resistant
  • ● Light weight and flexible

Bulk Material S/D Hose

Bulk Material S/D Hose Bulk Material Suction Hose, It is reinforced with spiralled high tensile textile cords, with 4 highly flexible

Concrete Placement Hose 85bar/1230psi

  • ●High abrasion resistant tube
  • ●Abrasion loss value:DIN53516 70±5mm3
  • ●Weather and ozone resistant cover
  • ●Designed for high kink resistance and perfect flow

Corrugated UHMWPE Chemical Hose 200PSI

  • Abrasion and Ozone Resistant:The cover protects the body from stiffening and cracking caused by ozone and UV exposure.It also added abrasion resistance for extended hose life
  • Non-Kinking:The internal helical wire structure helps prevent kinking.
  • Multi-Ply Acid Discharge Hose:Designed to handle most of common acids and alkali solutions under pressure.
  • Multi-Ply Acid Suction Hose:This hose features a high-tensile textile cord with wire helix to prevent collapse under vacuum conditions.

Discharge Dredging Hose

  • ●Excellent stiffness and resistance to external physical damage.
  • ●High abrasion resistance
  • ●Weather and sea water resistance
  • ●Heavy duty Max 35 bar working pressure
  • ●UV resisant cover
  • Discharge Dredging Hose Temperature: -25℃ to +80℃(-13℉ to +176℉)

Dock Oil Transfer Hose

  • Tube: Black,smooth,Nitrile synthetic rubber,suitable for up to 50% aromatic content.
  • Reinforcement: Multiply heavy duty synthetic tire cord supported with helix wire, anti-static wires.
  • Cover: Black, wrapped finish, synthetic rubber for high abrasion , ozone & weather resistance.
  • Dock Oil Transfer Hose Temperature: -40℃ to +100℃( 180℉)


+ HITECH is an importer and distributor of industrial hoses, rubber hoses and flexible PVC hose, Hydraulic hose in Vietnam market. ● Excellent resistance to high temperature ● Weathering and ozoen resistance ● High abrasion resistant cover ● Anti aging, long service life

Floating Dredging Hose

  • ● The outer cover is made from a rubber compound that is higly resistant against weathering, UV and Ozone.
  • ● Wear indicator layers can be implemented in the dredge hoses which transport abrasive medium.
  • ● A single foam floating layer prevents water absorption. The hose emergence above the water is not less than 20% of the total volume.
  • ● Custom flanges are available.

Food Discharge Hose

  • ●FDA grade tube
  • ●Weather and abrasion resistant cover
  • ●Handling wide variety of food products

Food Suction And Delivery Hose

  • Tube: White, smooth, NR, NBR or EPDM food quality rubber
  • Reinforcement: Multi plies high strength synthetic fabric and helix wire
  • Cover: smooth(wrapped finish), synthetic rubber, blue or white, weathering resistant.

Hankil Pvc Air Hose

+ HITECH is an importer and distributor of industrial hoses, rubber hoses and flexible PVC hose, Hydraulic hose in Vietnam market. + ID size (inch): 1/4 inch to 2 inch + Application: Factory pneumatic line, Assembly factory tools Wood works, metal works Hose, Car painting works Civil engining, Underground applications Road Construction, Subway construction