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Poultry & Meat Processing

Meat Poultry Industry

The handling of poultry, meat and its finished products is strictly regulated by a variety of laws and hygiene regulations so that only hygienically safe meat reaches consumers. The disposal of organic waste is also subject to strict regulations.
The processing methods for these basic ingredients generate significant quantities of waste and by-products which are also subject to regulations for disposal.

Hygienic pumps for the food industry meet the demands for meat and chopped meat transfer with the gentle action ensuring product quality and integrity is maintained. Using our special designs large particle sizes can be handled, including whole chicken breasts if required, with no damage.

  • Our pumps are designed for CIP (Clean in Place) and SIP (Sterilization in Place).
  • They meet US 3-A Sanitary Standards requirements.
  • They are designed in accordance with the EHEDG guidelines.
  • Product wetted, non-metal parts are conform to FDA CFR 21

Pumps are ideal for conveying processing by-products, consisting of blood, intestines, skin, heads or other body parts, out of the production areas.
With integrated cutting device, chop and pump in a single operation. Even entire poultry bodies, such as dead or off-specification chickens, can be processed in this way. By using pumps with enclosed piping, the removal of potential contaminants ensures high hygiene standards are met.

Macerators chop waste of different kinds particularly finely. Even solids like small bones or cartilage simply become part of the flow in the pumping process.
Processing by-products and waste in this way ensures

  • Bio-security and compliance with relevant regulations regarding waste disposal
  • Reduced waste volume
  • Energy savings compared with alternative systems
  • Reduced labour costs

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