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Fishing Industry

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Each year, 130 million tons of fish and seafood are consumed worldwide. Strong competition, high utility prices demanding consumers and the need for sustainable fisheries: these are the conditions facing the industry. HITECH is helping the fishing industry to reduce operating costs by improving the efficiency of product handling.

Progressive cavity pumps in standard and open hopper design, specifically the patented design BTM, together withHitech macerators provide first-class performance in many areas of the fishing industry:

Gentle and effective pumping and metering of feed in fish farms. Secure and fully automated operations with high level of metering accuracy
Integrated cutterhead assemblies enable the removal of by-products and organic waste without the need for added water or energy in hygienic enclosed systems
Preliminary maceration of whole fish for further processing into fish meal, efficient and secure processing using BTM design and macerators
Hygienic progressive cavity pumps secure maximum hygiene when pumping and metering of dressings and seasoning during further fish product processing
Pumps in the Fish Industry, a range of solutions enabling cost efficient processing of fish, seafood and their by-products.

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