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Brewing Industry & Distilleries

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The requirements in the brewing and distilling industries are constantly increasing as the market becomes more competitive and diverse.

All over the world, beverages are produced, packed and delivered to millions of consumers who rely on the quality of these products. No matter the beverage – beer, malt drinks, non-alcoholic beer or spirits – economical production is always the main challenge.

Save on operational costs and increase energy efficiency
Ensure maximum process reliability and availability
Increase productivity
Cope with longer transport distances

Pump technology is used at several steps in the brewing and distilling process.

Open hopper pumps in hygienic closed system for mixing grain and liquid before brewing
Smart Air Injection (SAI) for efficiently conveying spent grains and spent hops with controlled air pulses
Pumps very viscous products: hops, trub and yeast
Gentle conveying of shear sensitive yeast for pitching
Accurate dosing of minor ingredients and flavors in distilled products
Spent grain, draff and other by-products are removed in hygienic enclosed systems, reducing energy use compared to blown air alternatives
In short: Innovative, problem solving pump solutions that save energy, increase production and are cost effective.

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