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As a mission-critical commodity that is in use 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year, it is essential for power generation operations to sustain reliable production processes at all times. Unplanned maintenance requirements and catastrophic equipment failures can jeopardize power production and, in worst-case scenarios, lead to outages. Hitech provides a comprehensive catalog of industrial process equipment designed for dependable performance and delivers the expertise necessary to ensure that all of the equipment in the process generation system operates at peak efficiency while maintaining steady performance.

Power generation operations require durable industrial process equipment solutions engineered to minimize maintenance. Hitech partners with only trusted brands who are known within the industrial equipment market space for their quality construction and state-of-the-art solutions. From Goulds Water Technology centrifugal pump systems that are designed to minimize maintenance, to Hy-Pro’s oil filtration systems, Hitech is committed to offering the integrated solutions that power generation operations need to drive consistent production output.

Quality lube filtration is an integral part of achieving peak operational efficiency at power generation plants. Keeping lubrication fluids free of particulate not only prolongs the life of your power generation system’s moving components, it extends the life of the fluid, which results in fewer lube changes and reduced maintenance needs overall. Hitech’s replacement filters are designed for quick and easy installation to promote mechanical efficiency and operational uptime.

To ensure power generation systems can maintain steady production long after their industrial process equipment is installed, Hitech provides a comprehensive suite of value-added services, including pump repair, custom skid design and hose tracking and testing.

As longtime providers of integrated solutions with extensive experience in the unique needs of power generation plants, Hitech’s industrial process experts take a holistic approach to industrial equipment specification and service. This customer-focused commitment ensures that all of the process equipment we supply is optimized to reduce maintenance, operate at peak efficiency and deliver steady, reliable performance.