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For manufacturers in the paint and coatings industry, improper equipment selection, product contamination and inconsistent production rates jeopardize customer satisfaction, and as a result, profitability. As a solutions integrator, Hitech has both the application-specific expertise and leading fluid processing equipment to help paints and resins manufacturers prevent product quality issues and drive production yields.

The experts at Hitech know that color profiles and pigments must match exactly from the first batch to the last. As a result, it is essential that fluids are properly mixed, and movement of the product is carefully controlled at all times. Hitech partners with leading mixer manufacturers like Sharpe Mixers to offer mixers that not only provide consistent fluid mixing, but also reduce product contamination through their inherent cleanability. Paint and coatings operations can rely on our pumps from trusted manufacturers like Wilden® and EnviroGear® to promote steady liquid transfer and overall process efficiency.

Production stoppages due to catastrophic failures also lead to batch variation in paint and resin manufacturing. Batch-to-batch inconsistencies can result in significant product — and financial — losses. Hitech sources its fluid process solutions from manufacturers known within the industry for their quality construction. Engineered for durability, our industrial pumps, mixers, hoses and heat exchangers are designed to deliver reliable performance. Hitech’s after-market repair services ensure that your fluid process equipment solutions sustain peak efficiency.

Hitech’s in-house equipment experts deliver complete integrated solutions packages. From durable equipment specified for the unique challenges of paint manufacturing, to a wide variety of value-added services that help maintain optimal production, our goal is the to help ensure paint and coating manufacturers can operate efficiently, consistently and – most importantly – profitability.