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Consistent, reliable production is critical to the profitability of all industrial and manufacturing fluid processing operations. Plants that experience production downtime caused by maintenance issues or catastrophic failures, or production losses issues stemming from batch inconsistencies, never realize the full potential of their production output. As a provider of “integrated solutions,” Hitech has both the expertise and quality equipment solutions to streamline fluid management.

The experts at Hitech know that maintenance costs and plant downtime have a direct — and significant — effect on manufacturing profitability. From an inefficient industrial pump system that requires premature seal replacement to catastrophic equipment failures that shut down operations for days or even weeks, unplanned equipment maintenance compromises production output and profit margins.

Hitech’s team of experts will identify the root cause of your fluid system’s maintenance challenge, provide an integrated process solution and help you sustain the reliability of the equipment over the long term. Whether it be installing a low-maintenance centrifugal pump from Goulds Water Technology, or tracking the maintenance needs of your Continental steam hose assembly, Hitech’s solution will be engineered to reduce maintenance expenses and production downtime.

With decades of practical experience in a wide range of fluid-processing applications, Hitech has the expertise to accurately identify the source of unnecessary maintenance expenses and product quality issues. Our expertly specified and configured integrated solutions and services will not only streamline your fluid management but will optimize your entire fluid system by reducing maintenance costs and increasing overall production.