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Food and beverage manufacturers operate in an extremely competitive industry, faced with thin margins, and even thinner room for error. As consumer products companies, food and beverage processing operations and brewers face strict regulations and unforgiving consumers. Committed to delivering integrated solutions, Hitech offers a full line of sanitary processing equipment engineered to optimize food safety, batch consistency and production efficiency.

Today’s food processing operations must meet increasingly strict food safety regulations. To prevent contaminated products from entering distribution channels, food and beverage manufacturers require highly sanitary equipment. Hitech offers a comprehensive catalog of sanitary pumps, mixers, hoses and heat exchangers that promote easy cleanability through CIP designs. Our quality filtration systems products remove process byproducts from production workflows to ensure your product is free of unwanted particulates.

Hitech’s equipment experts know that batch-to-batch consistency and reliable production are essential to profitability in food processing. With decades of experience in fluid dynamics, we specify the equipment solutions that optimize food processing and beverage manufacturing — from a Sharpe mixer to an Ampco pump. Whether you’re outfitting a dairy processing facility, or in the market for brewery equipment, all of our sanitary process products are engineered to minimize production stoppages through reliable performance. Our aftermarket services ensure that your food processing lines sustain steady production schedules and minimal product loss for years to come.

Our process equipment experts have extensive experience in the challenges facing food and beverage manufacturers. We are committed to delivering the integrated solutions you need to promote food safety, batch consistency and production output so that your food processing operation remains both compliant and competitive.